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4 easy ways to make marketing more mobile

Use of smartphones and mobile devices has grown at a rapid pace over the past couple years. Just look around the next time you go to a coffee shop, airport, or when you’re just walking down the street: Everyone, it seems, is looking down at an iPhone, Android, or another mobile device.

Recently, the Pew Internet Project found that 83% of adults own a mobile phone, and 42% of those people own a Blackberry, iPhone, or similar smartphone. The study also found that 87% of smartphone users access the internet or email on their device, including two-thirds who do it daily.

That means marketers need to be able to engage with customers, members, prospects, and anyone else they communicate with wherever those people are.

Here are 4 easy ways to make your marketing efforts more mobile.

1. Keep Your Emails Short and Simple

If you’ve ever read an email on a smartphone, then you know that the more that’s included in it, the harder it is to read. So keep your emails simple. Your subject lines should be short, and your most significant call to action should be visible and close to the top. In general, it’s a good idea to keep your email design simple and light on text, with a click-through to your website or Facebook Page for the reader to find out more.

2. Check in to Location-Based Services

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business or you’re hosting an event, encourage people to check in on location-based services like Foursquare. This lets you know who your regular customers are and how often they visit you. It also lets your customers share info and tips with each other about your business, organization, or event. These services even allow you to add a unique special offer, which can encourage your regular customers to check in more often, and share the reward they receive for doing so.

3. Encourage Reviews
Social consumers like to share their thoughts about everything, so why not encourage that behavior while people are right there in your place of business? Post a sign that says, “How’d we do? Let us know!” You can even direct them to sites like or Google Places  where you’re trying to build a stronger presence. Make sure you post your Twitter handle, so customers can include it in reviews and follow you for updates.

4.  Build Your Fan Base
Your socially active customers and members probably have a Facebook or Twitter app already loaded on their smartphones. Encouraging them to connect with you on those sites, or on LinkedIn or another site you use, can drive significant growth in your network -and will expand your visibility to the networks of your new followers. Be sure to give people a good (and fun) reason to like or follow you.

With mobile devices, your customers are always on and ready to engage with you. Use this to your advantage and tailor your marketing efforts for those customers that are on the go.

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