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Gmail now bigger than Hotmail

For more years than I can remember I have had a Hotmail account. Back in the days when MSN Messenger was the king of online interaction between friends. Now, obviously, social networking has replaced that. Facebook has it’s own chat system built-in, killing two birds with one stone. MSN Messenger didn’t stand a chance.

It’s no surprise then that since those golden Hotmail years, that particular email address of mine has become more of a spam account. Containing a countless amounts of spam and newsletters from sites I only half-heartedly signed up for, I’ve thought about closing it down on more than one occasion.

A few years ago I got myself a Gmail email address. Apart from boasting countless more features and tools, as well as superior spam filtering, the addition of Google+ now means that my Gmail address gets more use than ever before. The below article from looks at how Gmail (which, don’t forget, started as an invite-only beta release in 2004) is now larger than Hotmail.

Gmail finally blows past Hotmail to become the world’s largest email service

Google announced today that its Gmail service has 425 million monthly active users. That means it has blown past Hotmail for the first time, becoming the largest email service in the world.

For many years, Microsoft’s Hotmail has been the reigning champ among global email services. In July, 2011 Hotmail announced on its 15-year anniversary that it had 360 million unique users per month. Yahoo Mail used to be the clear No. 1, but it has seen customers defect to both Hotmail and Gmail. And finally Google’s much-younger service (Gmail’s invite-only beta release was in 2004) has caught up to its older rivals.

Gmail’s growth has been absolutely stunning. In January, the company said on an earnings call that it had 350 million monthly active users on Gmail, based on its own internal data. Today that number sits at 425 million monthly actives, again based on its own data with no third-party confirmation.

Web analytics company comScore, on the other hand, told us that Google has way less unique visitors and still gives the edge to Hotmail and Yahoo. ComScore’s latest numbers from May have Hotmail at No. 1 with 325 million unique visitors, Yahoo at No. 2 with 298 million users, and Gmail at No. 3 with 289 million users.

We contacted representatives for Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and comScore to try to reconcile the numbers. Each company, in some way, provided a frustrating response.

ComScore VP Andrew Lipsman told us that the company’s data was based on global unique visitors from “home and business use,” which leaves out important things like smartphone and Internet cafe access. “There are going to be some users that are left out,” Lipsman acknowledged.

Both Yahoo and Microsoft directed us to the above comScore data as their metric for active users. We asked Microsoft and Yahoo to get more specific with their own internal numbers, but both declined and again pointed us to the latest comScore data.

When I asked a Google spokesperson why its internal numbers showed a discrepancy ofmore than 100 million users compared with comScore’s data, he told us that the company doesn’t comment on third-party numbers.

Using Gmail’s “internal numbers” to compare against Yahoo and Microsoft’s comScore data may not be truly fair, but these are the numbers each of the companies stand by. Therefore, these are the numbers we will use to proclaim Gmail as the number one e-mail client in all the lands.

Long live King Gmail! Until Microsoft and Yahoo cough up better stats, that is.

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