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How To Use And Optimise LinkedIn Today

So you’ve got your profile on LinkedIn, you’ve added your colleagues and friends, now what? How can you promote your business further using this social networking medium? Simply put, LinkedIn Today.

LinkedIn today is a news source  from your peers in the industry; it is compiled from industries ,  connections and sources which you follow. The top three articles of the day are then pulled into a ‘top headlines’ section on the news section of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn differs from the majority of social networking sites, in that it is heavily skewed towards B2B news.  Although, it is similar to other social networking sites in that it works through a voting algorithm by ‘sharing’, similar to Facebook with their ‘likes’ and twitter with their ‘tweets’.

Each time a connection likes or shares something you’ve posted, LinkedIn Today will then match this to like-minded people by sharing this news with industries which you follow or are part of. The more shares or likes your article receives, the higher presence it receives within that industry group and therefore the more likely it will appear on LinkedIn Today.

There are many ways in which your post can be recognised by LinkedIn Today, such as: liking,  sharing or commenting on updates, by linking your twitter account as any tweet is seen as a vote, by posting in relevant industry groups directly and by sending content directly to connections through LinkedIn email. Another easy way to get your content on to LinkedIn Today is by having a share button on your website or blog for your most important content.

If the content you’re posting really takes off and becomes popular on LinkedIn Today you can apply to LinkedIn  to be a source of information for that industry group.

There are many ways that you and your connections can consume this content. LinkedIn Today is a standalone full featured website so you can browse as many articles as time allows. If preferred, you can receive daily or weekly emails for the most relevant top stories. In addition, there’s a fantastic bookmarking feature, so that you can save articles of interest to view at a later date. Further there’s even iPhone and android apps so that you can keep up with the latest industry news on the go!

LinkedIn seems to be one of the lesser understood of the social media networks with its business potential completely underestimated; so if you are one of the first to get your content onto LinkedIn and seen by members of the industry the worst it will do is increase your practice’s visibility and make you look social media savvy, so it’s definitely worth having a go!

Content source: Search Engine Land

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